Lock Upgrades

If you are thinking about changing or replacing door locks on your house/apartment/flat/bungalow or new business premises then Raven Fire & Security will be able to assist you in fitting a replacement lock.

If you have just moved in a new home the first thing you should do is change your door locks. You may also need to replace the locks due to damage or want to upgrade your locks to comply with insurance standards.

Raven Fire & Security Recommended Ultion Locks

Raven Fire & Security supply and install Ultion locks. One of the most impressive features of these next level locks in that the moment that Ultion detects forced entry it activates an attack lock directly into the central cam, this is ‘Lock Down Mode’. Even if the most determined intruder gets past Ultion’s two sacrificial sections they won’t get to the attack lock because it is protected deep inside a solid molybdenum core and secured with a dedicated retaining pin. When Ultion is in ‘Lock Down Mode’ your home and family are safe.

Most locks have 5 or 6 ‘pins’ in them. One of the ways that Ultion delivers its unique protection is by using 11 pins. This makes 294,970 different combinations of key. Banks only specify 100,000 combinations, so with Ultion you get almost 3 times the level of security required by banks for their keys!

The first thing you want from a door is to keep the bad guys out. The below video will show how weak your door locks may be in real life situation against the most common break-in method.

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