CCTV for your Business

  • High definition cameras, up to 12MP, as standard / 4K Ultra HD Resolutions available
  • Quality night time recording
  • Analogue CCTV systems
  • IP Network CCTV systems
  • Continuous recording
  • Motion detection only recording
  • Smart features, such as line crossing etc.
  • Local viewing on home TV
  • Handheld device app control & notifications
commercial cctv

Raven Fire & Security install business CCTV camera security systems in business premises in Prestatyn, Rhyl, Kinmel Bay, Abergele, Colwyn Bay, Llandudno, Conwy, Llanwrst, Bangor, Anglesey, Mostyn, Holywell, Flint, Mold, Denbigh, Ruthin and Wrexham, as well as throughout the whole of North Wales, Chester and surrounding areas.

Raven Fire & Security are a SSAIB approved installer and meet all the requirements of your insurance company with a certificate of compliance being issued on completion, providing businesses with 24/7 security using state-of-the-art Ultra HD 4K cameras. The digital recording technology used is the highest quality & is fully upgradeable.

Our adept installation engineers have a wide range of experiences whether your business requires a single CCTV camera system for recording your reception area, or a 30+ camera CCTV security installation for protecting your industrial premises including car park, loading bays & external perimeter areas, Raven Fire & Security have a cost effective video solution for you. Typical commercial applications for our CCTV systems include; factories, offices, shops, petrol-stations, convenience stores, leisure centres, pubs, night-clubs and hotels, etc.

CCTV is a must-have for many modern businesses for the monitoring and security of your property from theft and damage. Raven Fire & Security have a team of CCTV installers with years of experience in the design, installation and setup of systems designed to deter, monitor and prosecute criminals and vandals.

App Live Viewing, Playback and Alerts

Raven Fire & Security are advocates in helping its customers get the most from their CCTV system and so our engineers will work closely with you to setup app control of your CCTV system, enabling you to remote access live viewing of your cameras from your handheld device(s), playback recorded footage and receive alerts from anywhere in the world, delivering you the ultimate peace of mind that your business is fully protected.

Smart Feature Alerts
  • Line Crossing, Motion, Intrusion, Face and Object Removal Detection
  • People Counting, Smart Tracking, Automatic Number Plat Recognition (ANPR)

Raven Fire & Security’s installation experts are adeptly experienced at setting up a multitude of smart feature alerts on your recorder; these features will trigger alerts directly to your handheld device(s) when certain parameters are met e.g. when someone enters your yard or approaches your building, you will get a snap shot of the moment a ‘line’ was crossed and a link to instant playback.

Line Crossing Detection

If a person crosses a pre-defined virtual line, the camera will automatically detect the event and can trigger alarms or recording if pre-configured to do so.

Motion Detection

If there is any motion in the configured detection area, the camera will automatically detect the event and can trigger preconfigured alarms or recording.

Intrusion Detection

If a person enters and loiters in a pre-defined virtual region, the camera will automatically detect the event and can trigger alarms or recording if pre-configured.

Face Detection

A 4-line network camera can accurately detect human faces, capture facial images, or trigger an alarm.

Object Removal Detection

If objects are removed from a pre-defined region, such as exhibits on display, the camera will automatically detect the event and can trigger alarms or recording if pre-configured.

People Counting

Cameras with the people counting function are usually installed vertically to the entrance gate of hotels, supermarkets, museums, etc. The number of people that enter and exit the room can be counted and displayed on the screen in real time.

Smart Tracking

The Smart Tracking function is an innovative technology for PTZ cameras, which can enhance the effectiveness of the video surveillance system. Used to detect moving objects and follow their movements until they’re out of view.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Cameras with vehicle number plate recognition are ideal for car parks, entrances and automatic monitoring situations, the camera will automatically record number plates of vehicles and will detect specific number plates and can trigger alarms or recording if pre-configured.

CCTV Monitoring with Raven Fire & Security

Raven Fire & Security recognises and can help with the increasingly more common requirement of insurance companies to stipulate CCTV remote monitoring for commercial properties. CCTV monitoring connects your cameras to an alarm receiving centre. This enables them to call specified keyholders and/ or the Police in the event of the CCTV triggering an alert.

commercial cctv

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