Access Control Systems

Access Control / Door Entry

Raven Fire & Security are experienced access control installers and can offer simple control of doors using keypads or card readers or the latest technological advances such as biometrics where high-level security is required, or specific personnel identification is critical. In these systems it is a particular aspect of human physiology that is stored e.g. finger print, which is then compared against the person whenever access is required.

Access control is now an increasingly common sight in many workplaces. Have you had to ‘fob’ into work this morning in order to gain access? As a manager, would it help you to know where certain workers had been and for how long? Do you wish to prevent access to business critical areas such as data centres or server rooms?

Raven Fire & Security install access control systems to suit your security requirements by delivering smart and efficient ways of allowing multiple users access to only the areas you wish. Options include, access control with intercom, access control with cameras, access control gates, access control keypads and access control barriers. From the control of a single internal door to a fully computerised multi door system.

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