Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms for you Business

  • Meets Grade 2 and Grade 3 security grading for insurance and Police approval
  • Loud external and internal sirens
  • Hybrid systems which enable wireless detection devices
  • Protect hard to wire places
  • Strong, long range wireless signals
  • Complete protection with smoke, CO detectors, CCTV cameras etc.
  • Video verification
  • Handheld device app control & notifications
residential wired intruder alarms

Raven Fire & Security are an SSAIB accredited company, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands when choosing us to secure your business with a fully integrated intruder alarm system, while complying to the latest industry standards.

Raven Fire & Security will help you ensure your premises, stock and/ or equipment are protected 24/7. Protecting your business is a high priority and Raven Fire & Security have years of experience working with a wide range of commercial customers and sectors enabling for highly adept design and installation of an alarm system which meets your exact requirements deploying advanced intruder alarms and detection equipment. As well as detecting intruders, an alarm system will help deter break-ins.

Having a security systems provider that you can trust will ensure peace of mind for you and demonstrate to your insurer that you have acted responsibly to protect your business. Home Office research suggests that if a property is protected by an intruder alarms system, 84% of potential intruders will be deterred from entering and will leave soon after hearing an audible alarm. This signifies the importance of installing an intruder alarm system.

Our specialist designers will recommend the most appropriate means of detection to ensure the system is both effective in detecting intruders and eliminating the potential of false alarms. Raven Fire & Security are experts in designing, installing and maintaining intruder alarms utilising the latest technology provided by leading manufacturers. All the intruder alarm systems we supply can be integrated to incorporate other security systems such as CCTV systems and access control. These combine to provide extra layers of security for your property.

Raven Fire & Security will provide a free of charge, no obligation, survey of the property to work with you to create a design that not only protects your premises, but also offers ease of use and convenience. Raven Fire & Security can advise the suitability of an upgrade on an existing intruder alarm system, helping to save you money on re-cabling or replacing working, compatible, detection devices.

Our intruder alarm systems are professional hybrid security system for, both, the residential and commercial sectors, allowing for wireless detection devices to be installed alongside wired detection devices, this is very convenient when looking to secure hard to wire places or, in the case of an upgrade, when adding detection in areas that are not currently protected, with minimal disruption to décor.

Further, Raven Fire & Security can install an IP module enabling full connectivity through an alarm system app on your handheld device(s) (which we set up for you), which not only lets you set or unset the system from anywhere in the world, but it will also notify you of anything that’s going on at your home, such as alarm activations, power cuts etc and it can even notify you when certain chosen users turn the alarm system on or off, like the kids are home or the cleaner has arrived. The benefits of this full control gives a huge feeling of complete peace of mind, and because all the data is stored to your personal cloud storage the data is always safe and secure. To make the most of alarm notifications, you can also have combined motion sensors with built in snap shot CCTV cameras which can send you an image of what triggered the alarm, offering desirable video verification.

Intruder Alarm Monitoring with Raven Fire & Security

Raven Fire & Security provides monitoring of intruder alarm systems, helping to keep your business safe, while satisfying requirements of insurance companies to stipulate intruder alarm remote monitoring for commercial properties. Intruder alarm monitoring connects your intruder alarm system to an alarm receiving centre. This enables them to call specified keyholders and/ or the Police in the event of the intruder alarm activating.

residential wired intruder alarms

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