Professional Insurance approved wireless alarm systems , can be pre programmed and supplied to fit yourself or choose the fitted option and  our fitting team will install and set up the system to your exact requirements , we will install the fused spur power supply and connect the system to the internet, if you have selected an IP version , register and test the app, if we have installed the system we will issue an SSAIB certificate of compliance, we can have the system monitored with or without Police response, either fitting option will include a 12 month warranty , and fitted options can have an annual maintenence plan, for future servicing.

Simply choose your system - which includes a control panel , keypad , two PIR Detectors , one door contact , one external sounder , two proximity tags all fully pre programmed and tested , you can also select any additional equipment you may need and choose to have the system fitted or fit your self , we will then aim to deliver the system within 2-3 days or install the system within 7 days.

Why not choose to have an alarm and CCTV , with our Plug and Play IP High resolution  system , set up is  simple , no connections to make , or complicated set up required , with both systems installed you will have absolute peace of mind


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Agility 3 User Manual

Agility 3 Installation Manual

Agility 3 Data Sheet



You will need to purchase or own an Agility system for the other equipment to operate, the accessories will not operate with any other system, items purchased without a full system will not be pre - programmed but will work with any Agility3 system and can easily be programmed into your system.

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