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Risco Agility wireless alarm system

If you are looking for a new or upgrading an old Burglar Alarm System , save time and money and disruption to your home and decor , by choosing Raven to install an easy to use professional wireless alarm system.

Gone are the days when unsightly wiring around your house are needed , No cables mean less installation time ( usually half a day ) and therefore reduced costs. With wireless alarms you save all the hassle of installers drilling holes through walls and pulling up your carpets and floorboards. 

The technology of these Insurance/Police approved wireless alarm systems is so reliable and easy to use , there really is no need to have a wired intruder alarm system that's designed around the places you can get to with the wiring , because Grade 2 wireless alarm systems will allow a whole range of detectors to be fitted anywhere you need protecting , including outdoor shed alarms / garage alarms, these sorts of areas are usually to difficult to wire and remain unprotected, but not with a quality long range wireless alarm system,and not just burglar protection , you can also have smoke , carbon monoxide or even flood detectors fitted to your alarm system, so complete peace of mind with no mess or disruption.

That's just a part of it , this new breed of wireless alarm system allows full connectivity through a free alarm system app on your phone or Ipad ( which we set up for you ) which not only lets you set or unset the system from anywhere in the world, but it will also notify you of anything that's going on at your home ,of course alarm activation's, but also other events such as power cuts, it can even notify you when certain chosen users turn the alarm system on or off , like the kids are home or the cleaner has arrived, the benefits of this full control gives a huge feeling of complete peace of mind, because all the data is stored to your personal cloud storage the data is always safe and secure , you can also have combined motion sensors with built in snap shot CCTV cameras which can send you an image of what triggered the alarm.  

Once you have had a Raven wireless alarm system installed you can relax , sit back with a cup of coffee and set or unset your alarm system from anywhere, work , the gym or even whilst on holiday , you will have great peace of mind knowing you are in full control of you security , all from an app on your phone.

The system can be set to alert you each time somebody uses the system , so perhaps the children arriving home safely from school or the cleaner coming and going from your property.

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