Meet the Raven Fire and Security Team

Meet the team:

(from left to right) Lucy Raven, Jason Raven, Elaine Raven, Richard Lewins, Paul Raven, Chris Smith, Dominic Stephenson

Paul Raven - Known as the Boss

Raven Fire & Security has been a great leader in the provision of top-quality security equipment and services right from the year 1993. Raven Fire & Security was founded by Paul Raven, a man who has a great passion for providing its loyal customers with first rate security systems to secure their lives as well as their properties. His passion led him into creating a successful one-stop security solutions provider. Paul Raven first started out with a focus on providing high-quality security system installation services for both homeowners and commercial clients and has metamorphosed into a one-stop security equipment and service center, today we are known to be specialist Burglar Alarm and CCTV installers.

Paul has extensive knowledge of all types of security and electrical equipment. Paul has written a book, titled "How does a burglar's mind work?", which is available for sale on Amazon.

Jason Raven - Known as the office geek

Jason is the Office Manager and is the cog behind the machine, dealing with processes and procedures that help maintain the extermely high standards that he demands.

Lucy Raven - Known as Lou

Lucy's role is in Customer Care and Support. She is always on-hand to ensure the customers’ needs are met and your feedback is heard. Lucy is in charge of all things social media.

Elaine Raven - Known as the small one

Elaine is the Retail Manager, attending to the newly opened retail and showroom, at our offices in Prestatyn. 

Richard Lewins - Known as Big Rich, simply because he is 6' 5", ideal for fitting anything that normally requires step ladders.

Rich is an engineer and always pleased to help, a friendly, jolly person. His pleasant can't say no attitude has found him helping customers with all sorts of unusual jobs, while he is working.

Rich is a former RAF trained Electrician. A life long supporter of all things Newcastle.

Chris Smith - Known as Chris Smith With The News

Chris is an engineer, specialising in the installation and servicing of intruder alarms, with a wide knowledge of a variety of intruder alarm panels. A competent all round maintenance engineer.

Dominic Stephenson - Known as Dome

Dom is an engineer who likes to get stuck into a range of installations. He enjoys learning about new systems and equipment. A solver of problems - no problem is too big.